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Thursday Scent Mood: 02 Owari by Odin

Owari Odin Shutterstock

Thursday Scent Mood: 02 Owari by Odin

Owari Odin Shutterstock

An uplifting and energetic fragrance of Far Eastern citruses laid on a sensual, oriental base, Odin’s Owari plays off Japanese mandarin against zesty burst of grapefruit and sensual notes of Chinese Tonkin musk.

The gossamer intricacy of the subtle fragrant shift woven in Owari scent wears like sheer silk and comforts one like virgin cashmere wool.

The rare mandarin of the forbidden Japanese orchards, tartly sweet, is edged by a brighter, more acidic grapefruit leaves; balancing the fragrant pH and drawing out the fruity nuances while wrapping them in zesty heart.

The actual act of peeling and sinking your teeth into a mandarin is brought to life and heightened by the presence of genuinely smelling components of bergamot, hand crushed grapefruit leaves and oriental woody base.

The leading waltz’s tempo is directed by the sweet and creamy amyris wood, rounded up by the subtle Chinese Tonkin musk.

The zesty glow, surrounding the original opening remains in the drydown, creating a whimsically aromatic, oriental woody scent, denying the traditional fruity association of the citruses and settling into the fresh zone.

Odin’s Owari reigns unquestioned and unchallenged as leading mandarin fragrance in the niche category.

Any citrus aficionado will hail this amazing creation, especially since Owari citruses have strong projection and longevity, never caring about the “fading citrus” label awarded to most citrus themed fragrances.

  1. Avatar Of Neyon


    Oh, just sounds absolutely delectable and gorgeous! I'm a huge lover of both zest and the exotic. To me this scent sounds like delightful sunshine in a picturesque woodland...thank you for sharing!

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    I don't think I have ever smelled such realistic citrus notes before. I know Odin are have gathered quite an audience in UK, so you can find them in most perfumeries. If you are a lover of clean, citrus themed scents, this one should be first on your testing list.

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