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Friday Scent Mood: Versace Signature by Versace

Versace Signature1

Friday Scent Mood: Versace Signature by Versace

Versace Signature

Timeless, beautifully crafted, sophisticated and sexy, are all attributes rightfully awarded to Versace Signature.

Made with a heavy dose of artistic flourish, this is a scent that reminds us what Versace is truly capable of delivering.

Floral, exclusive, fresh and iridescently unique fragrance.

This perfume is a wardrobe staple, that little black dress; your secret weapon. A tribute to all women, it is a fragrance that speaks for itself. Not a single note dominates the olfactory harmony, which makes it that much more enticing to the wearer.

A translucent vivacity reveals fresh dew drops sweetened by a lush hydroponic guava, and icy hints of blackcurrant and wisteria, all aligned in a wonderful balance that never isolates any of these disparate elements but rather allows them to shine through together.

The lavish and floral heart showcases the true signature of the perfume: a sensual floral explosion of light and vibrant flowers; Orchid, Lotus flower and Nymphaea, singing harmoniously in a concert with a perky burst of Jasmine, while the Azalea keeps the lively and the swoon-worthy dancing in harmony, never eclipsing the very true floral notes that project with dignified strength and last for hours.

The fragrance is enveloped by the softness of a veil of musk, wrapped up by the preciousness of warm and delicate Kashmir wood and Cedarwood, revealing their magnificent sensuality.

I would never bet against Versace, but even I didn’t realize just how unique and compelling this fragrance could be. A must try.

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