candy l'eau prada

A delicious and sophisticated gourmand scent built on the always-enticing combination of caramel and a variety of the very best Italian citruses, Candy’s little sister, Candy L’eau is balanced, uplifting and easy to wear fall perfume.

The citrusy lime opening is bright and sharp and does not fade away, but blends beautifully with the intense and luscious caramel note that dominates the blend and the Candy brand.

The notes list sweet pea flower, and its main mission in this composition is to prevent the buttery foodie character that caramel can have come into life, while resins and a clean version of musk add fullness and prevent L’Eau from smelling childish and hectic.

Candy L’Eau does not possess the aggressive bite of the much popular synthetic gourmand scents.

Dusted over fresh citruses and flowers, the award winning combo of musk, benzoine and caramel create for a luxurious, elegant and grown up yummy scent with no candies in sight.

If I was forced to choose, I would have chosen Candy L’Eau as the more elegant sibling in the Prada line. It isn’t overtly gourmand and it certainly does not emphasize the edible notes with childish, synthetic elements, never prompting you to feel like you are taking a trip to “cheap-smelling girlish” territory.

A perfume that will evoke many smiles and “extort” many compliments, make you feel playful and elegant at the same time.