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This Just In: New Fragrance Arrivals August 2020


This Just In: New Fragrance Arrivals August 2020

Wherever your summer plans take you, we’ve got plenty of new, swoon-worthy scents to keep you company.


Red Panda By Sanctuary

Showcasing the dualities of its captivating beauty and its endangered status, Red Panda is an enticing invitation to take the road less traveled. Red berries in the opening of the perfume coaxes white tea notes further into the unknown. Bamboo leaf, fresh water and violets smell like wilderness, ripe for exploration. The trail ends with cashmere woods and oak moss, leaving you want more.

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SANCTUARY Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard By Sanctuary

An homage to one of the most beautiful and most endangered species in the world, Amur Leopard opens with a thrill of the chase: hot spice intercepted with the coolness of crisp apple. The middle is aromatic, fresh, exhilarating, the perfect prelude for the smooth finish of tonka bean, amber and leather wood.

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PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Bergamot

Amazing Grace Bergamot

Experience the brighter side of grace. our fan-favorite twist on the iconic whisper-soft floral, amazing grace, sheds new light on the beloved scent. Luscious bergamot amplifies the timeless softness of the original favorite. Delicate floral orange blossom mingles with muguet to mellow the composition, coming to rest atop graceful warm musk.

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Luna By Nanette Lepore

Welcome to the dark and sultry side of perfume. The designer’s latest scent, Luna is addictive, power-petalled and totally compelling. Combining mandarine, osmanthus, rose petals, and night-blooming jasmine with sheer aquatic notes – the finished product is bursting with overt sexuality and luxurious sophistication.

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Dolce Gabbana Dolce Peony 1000X1000 1

Unapologetically feminine, peony is the epitome of youthfulness. D&G’s Dolce Peony is the joyous, powdery take on its more classic processor, Dolce, but nonetheless captivating. The scent puts peony on pedestal, with nashi pear, plum nectar, and honey in its entourage, giving it a warm yet subtly sweet scent.

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CHLOE Nomade

Chloe Nomade

A distinctive brew of oakmoss, freesia, and mirabelle liquor imbued with restlessness, this is a perfume to take you places. The perfect antidote to the mess that is 2020. 

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TIFFANY & CO. Tiffany

Tiffany Co. Tiffany

The perfume equivalent to a Tiffany’s rock: luminous, sparkling, and devastatingly rich, courtesy of vert de mandarine, nobile iris, patchouli and musk mix. We’re sold. 

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CALVIN KLEIN Eternity for Men EDT

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Edt

After something crisp and retro? Eternity For Men by Calvin Klein is the one for you. With notes such as lavender, lemon, bergamot scent and sandalwoods, think of it as a 90s cologne-vibe given a 2020 modern update. 

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