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Lighten Up the Mood With Scentbird Candles

Scentbird Candles Summer

Lighten Up the Mood With Scentbird Candles

No, you don’t need a skip button for 2020, what you really need is getting your spark back. And we know just how to do that: Light a candle, put on your fave playlist and indulge in scent driven, luxe rituals that bring out your best self.

SCENTBIRD Pineapple & White Amber Scented Candle

Pineapple White Amber

Longing for the beach? This pineapple and amber candle perfectly captures the cozy beachy vibe with a flick of a lighter.

This is the scent of tropics encased in pineapple with hearty whiffs of sweet amber, which calls to mind skin dried by the sun on a hot summer day, somewhere in paradise. It is complex, luxurious, and burning 40‑hr of the scents of summertime magic.

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SCENTBIRD White Tea & Fig Scented Candle


Burning the candle on both ends? Then it’s time to set the scene; you’re relaxing in a bubble bath, with your eyes closed and surrounded by silence. This cozy candle releases a mix of tea and fruity notes, and somehow, everything feels so calm…We get it, you’re not getting out until the water gets cold.

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SCENTBIRD Siberian Fir & Cedarwood Scented Candle

Siberian Fir Cedarwood Candle

It is said that being in the woods banishes negativity and instills serenity. With everything that goes in the world right now, this is exactly what we all need. If you cannot escape the urban jungle, consider yourself sorted. Heart notes of siberian fir and cedarwood are accented with floral musks in this delicately fragranced candle.

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SCENTBIRD Black Currant & White Musk Scented Candle

Ecom Black Curr

High levels of stress can induce redness, irritation, and frequent breakouts on the skin, proving right the saying that you can’t look good if you don’t feel good.

Enter scented candles. They create a relaxing atmosphere by adding softer light and also changing the mood with their scent.

Our expertly blended Black Currant & White Musk candle has a juicy soft tone that’s uplifted by gardenia, ivy and orange top notes, guaranteed to brighten your mood.

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