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The Ultimate 9-5 Perfume List


The Ultimate 9-5 Perfume List

Elevate your 9-5 with our pick of perfumes that are tasteful, sophisticated and totally office-approved. Whether you prefer a sprinkle of florals, bouncy citrus accords or warm coffee notes, we’ve rounded up the best scents to upgrade your cubicle.

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Giulietta by Tocca


You’ll find yourself reveling in the freshest scent of green apple note. The combination of the delicate florals plus a hint of musk make Giulietta an office go-to perfume, especially for the lovers of light floral scents that have a touch of woody funk in the dry down. 

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Assam of India by Berdoues

Assam Of India

Exploding with spicy, black tea aroma mixed with a dash of lemon and a touch of Mysore sandalwood’s honeyed sweetness is Assam of India, which smells like the most ceremonial, exotic tea ever.

This unique fragrance formula will appeal to those who love subtle spicy scent that won’t disturb someone’s personal space.

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Glossier You by Glossier

Glossier You By Glossier

Glossier You, the beauty brand’s first-ever fragrance is an alluring mix of musk, floral and woody notes, but the most interesting note of the composition is you, or rather your skin chemistry with the scent.  

The scent’s central aromatic lineup includes: ambrette, a woody and cozy note; ambroxan, a smooth, salty-sweet aroma and animalic nude musk.

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No. 7 For Women by English Laundry

No. 7 For Women By English Laundry

If playing safe isn’t your favorite type of thrill, we suggest English Laundry No7. 

An intoxicating scent, this is a perfect fit for those who prefer a scent with a bit of sweet bite. A mix of ripe almonds, whipped cream and vanilla, English Laundry made sure No.7 is a true statement-making scent. 

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