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THE BRUSH OFF: Makeup Brushes You Need, Stat5 min read

11/13/2019 3 min read

THE BRUSH OFF: Makeup Brushes You Need, Stat5 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If an artist is only as good as their tools, then consider Luxie’s line of makeup brushes the Michelangelo standard. We love how the synthetic, vegan bristles blend and buff our makeup out to an almost-airbrushed finish, not to mention, how easy it is to keep them clean. Here, we outline the brushes that get the most regular rotation in our makeup bags, and how to use each one. Keep reading to get the details, and check out all the Luxie offerings on now. 

Luxie 588 Angled Contour Rose Gold

Cream contour aficionados, this one’s for you. The precise bristles on this angled brush allow you to place your shadow and highlight products exactly where they need to go, then beautifully blends them out to perfection.

Luxie 610 Flat Sculpting Face Rose Gold

No harsh lines here. This densely-packed brush buffs contour products of both the cream and powder varieties out to a perfect, shadow-esque gradient, but we also love using it to blend out our blush. 

Luxie 620 Angled Sculpting Rose Gold

Want to achieve the ultimate chiseled contour? Pick up this angled brush, which features curved bristles that hug the hollow areas of your face for perfect placement. 

Luxie 680 Pro Precision Face Rose Gold

Even hard-to-reach areas get covered with this rounded foundation brush. Pick up your favorite cream or liquid foundation using the bristles, then sweep over your skin, starting in the center of the face and working your way outward. 

Luxie Flawless Face Set

Achieve an airbrushed finish with this set of four face brushes. Use the flat-top brush to apply cream or liquid foundation, then pick up the angled brush to define the contours of your face and blend out blush with ease. The small concealer brush can be used to target areas that need extra love, while the large fluffy brush is best used to set your masterpiece with loose powder. 

Luxie Eye Essential Brush Set

Everything you need to create both minimalist and maximalist eye effects alike. Use the fluffy angled brush to define your crease, and the large dome-tipped brushes to blend eyeshadow. The flat-tipped brush can be used to blend out eyeliner, while the angled brush works to define brows. 

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