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Luxie's 4 Piece Flawless Face Brush Set comes with every brush you need for perfect, airbrushed face makeup application every day. Each brush is made from synthetic, vegan, and cruelty-free fibers ideal for flawless makeup application with less wasted product.<br><br> <b>How to use:</b><br> The <b>120 Detail Round Blender</b> <br>Use this brush's rounded head to apply and blend out your favorite cream eyeshadow base or eyeshadow primer for long-lasting makeup looks.<br> <b>The 502 Large Powder</b><br> Use this soft, fluffy brush to set your face with your favorite loose and pressed powders for an airbrushed finish, or use with your favorite blush or bronzer for a soft, diffused look.<br> <b>The Luxie 504 Large Angled</b><br> Use this angled brush to apply your favorite powder or cream blush, bronzer, or contour products to your cheeks or the hollows of your face to define and accentuate your best features.<br> <b>The Luxie 530 Flat Top Kabuki</b><br> Use this brush's flat top design to apply your cream or liquid foundation, or to set your face with loose or pressed powder for an airbrushed finish.<br><br> <b> Five things that make it special:</b><br> 1. Cruelty Free<br> 2. Vegan<br> 3. Hypoallergenic<br> 4. Premium Synthetic Bristles <br> 5. Rose Gold Ferrule on a chic pink handle<br>

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M y Favorite Face Brushes!
Luxie Brushes are one of my all time favorite brands. Theyre in the top 3. I love this set and Ive been using them everyday since I got them.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
Age: 35 to 44
Skin type: Dry
Flawless face set
Yes I like it