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A new Luxie brush uniquely designed to apply your cream or liquid products quickly and precisely as it allows more control in the hard to reach areas of your face. <br><br> <b>How to use:<b><br> Use this brush with your favorite cream or liquid foundation or concealer. Blend in circular motions until product is completely blended in.<br><br> <b> Five things that make it special:</b><br> 1. Cruelty Free<br> 2. Vegan<br> 3. Hypoallergenic<br> 4. Premium Synthetic Bristles <br> 5. Rose Gold Ferrule on a chic pink handle<br>

Luxie 680 Pro Precision Face Rose Gold rating and reviews

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5 out of 5
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Age: 18 to 24
Skin type: Combination
Fantastic Foundation Brush
I have many Luxie makeup brushes and this is one of my favorites. The handle and bristles are very classy and beautiful. This brush is best for applying liquid foundation or concealer. The dense arrangement of the bristles allows the brush to pick up and apply more product. My favorite use for this brush is for applying concealer underneath the eyes and around the nose. It seems quite sturdy, so I expect it to hold up and last a while.