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WORKING GIRL: Mixing business with fragrance – Our Top 9-5 picks3 min read

09/08/2017 3 min read

WORKING GIRL: Mixing business with fragrance – Our Top 9-5 picks3 min read

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When you’re shooting to the top, you gotta be ready for anything – from the job interview to those all-important office meetings. You want to wrap yourself in confidence, comfort and optimism. Or, much better, wear a scent that conjures these feelings the moment it settles on your skin. While we’re all for olfactive liberty, in the corporate world, there’s only one type of fragrance that’s universally acceptable: the subtle scent.

We have rounded up the perfumes you can wear confidently in the office or the boardroom, without offending anyone’s personal scent preference:

Oxford Bleu Pour Femme by English Laundry

Wanna wow your workmates or nail a big interview? Your biggest confidence boost could come in form of perfume. Just like Oxford Bleu Pour Femme by English Laundry.

Delivered in a translucent blue hued bottle, everything about Oxford Bleu screams spring. The tartness of the scent intertwines with the sweet, fruity accords, introducing a unique olfactive sensation. Subtle yet flirty, Oxford Bleu Pour Femme veils your skin. Unlike most office-safe perfumes, this one is not neat and subdued. Blackcurrant, vanilla and melon are vivacious, but this playfulness is for your nose only.

When you wear this in the office, you’ll want to give this perfume a raise, because it’s clocking some serious overtime. It keeps you comfortable, chic and in command.

Maiaday by Raymond Matts

If your workplace is stressful, you can help yourself by bringing in scented reinforcement: Maiaday. Maiaday is a fragrant encapsulation of a sunny day in June where linden blossoms fill the air, inspiring a dreamy, hauntingly beautiful scent. Everything feels serene and hopeful.

You’ll find yourself reveling in the hedonistic scent of the main note. The combination of the delicate secondary woodsy notes with a generous amounts of vanilla make Maiaday a no brainer for the office.

Its subtlety will charm its way onto your skin and will stay there long after you go home.

Anyway by Juliette Has A Gun

If feminine fragrances are your cup of tea, then Anyway will be your scented start and seize the day delight!

Built around romantic and simple notes, Anyway steals your heart with the freshest of notes. Lime and neroli are loud and roar, but jasmine tames the citrusy thunder by dominating the heart, while the dry down is reserved for musk, hedione and ambrox molecules.

From Monday brainstorming sessions to casual Fridays, Anyway was made to adapt to your every style and provide you with a sassy and fresh scent that lasts throughout the work day.


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