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Signature Fashion and Fragrance: rag & bone’s fine fragrances

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Signature Fashion and Fragrance: rag & bone’s fine fragrances

New York City fashion brand rag & bone just released their first line of fine fragrances, and there’s no better time to illustrate how to pair your clothing wardrobe with your perfume collection, than by offering their fantastic new perfumes as examples.

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Bergamot By Rag Bone

Bergamot is a crisp, dry scent, with a thread of peppery wood notes running through, including cedar wood in the heart and an accord of cashmere woods in the base. Bright orange top notes of bergamot and petitgrain lend a light, brisk acidity as well, making Bergamot more versatile and multi-dimensional when pairing it with your favorite looks.

Wardrobe Possibilities with Bergamot:
The woody nuances in this scent lend themselves naturally to textured clothes like tweed, brushed denims, and nubby sweaters. The bone-dry profile of the wood will contrast well with textured layering of your wardrobe, and offers an energetic and invisible through-line that will tie the outfit together in a sophisticated and intellectual way.


Neroli By Rag Bone                                                               

Neroli is blue-sky bright with lemon and neroli notes, supported with soft, brushed orange blossom and a jasmine tea note at the top. A brisk pink pepper note provides a firm frame for the borderless citrus notes to gather their focus. A warm base of honey, bourbon vanilla and musk anchor the light, airy opening with their sweet, dark textures.

Wardrobe Possibilities with Neroli:

Neroli’s stratospheric cheerfulness shines brightest when paired with ensembles sharing a similar bright outlook on the world. White blouses and shirts are an easy solution, and amplify the lemon and neroli’s naturally buoyant profiles. The sunlit feel of lemon and neroli against a crisp, white top is a laid-back and welcoming option.


Encens By Rag Bone

Encens is a lightly spiced, incense-driven scent accented with black pepper, frankincense, myrrh, cistus, and an incense accord in the heart. Amber and musk in the base take the introspective feel in sweet and bright directions simultaneously.

Wardrobe Suggestions with Encens

Incense perfumes are naturally poetic, warm, and close scents, and fare well in overcast, cold, or windy weather. Frankincense and myrrh have a snug, sleepy texture- like the soft comfort of wrapping your favorite blanket up around your shoulders.

This cozy warmth lends itself to modern, all-black downtown styles, lending a touch of the exotic to their color-focused profiles. The snap of the spice adds another dimension of depth and complexity to the flow of an all-black ensemble.


Oddity By Rag Bone

Oddity is full sensual immersion in black spices – everything from licorice, to black pepper and leather nuances. Vetiver, amber, and vanilla bean shade the sharp black borders to a softer hue in the dry down.

Wardrobe Suggestions with Oddity

Oddity is a powerful, spicy, and intense perfume with only vetiver and vanilla bean breaking away from the crisp and sharp tone of the heady spices. Leather-based scents open your wardrobe to selecting your fiercest outfits, the more severe the better. Motorcycle jackets, chaps, fishnets, and metallic accents will all meet Oddity’s gaze and intensify it.


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