Fragrance Evergreens: Classic scents that will never go out of style

Classic Scents

Fragrance Evergreens: Classic scents that will never go out of style

Longer sleeves, soft sweaters and always in style, classic perfumes-so long, summer. It’s time to get cozy. We’ve selected the latest fresh classics we’re crushing on from our favorite perfume brands. Ready, set, click!

Cashmere Mist EDT by Donna Karan

Cashmere Mist By Donna KaranDonna Karan’s Cashmere Mist perfume is a warm and sensual, skin kissing fragrance that fits every occasion, every moon phase and every season. An exquisitely versatile and exclusively unique perfume.

Soft, personal, deep, intimate and naturally seductive scent, perfect for the woman that oozes elegance and mysterious poise.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Gwyneth Paltrow Favorite Perfume Black Orchid By Tom FordIt’s dark, sensual, sexy, mysterious and strong. When you put on this incredibly powerful unisex perfume, you cannot help but feel assertive and confident… wonder woman if you will.

L’eau d’Issey EDT by Issey Miyake

L’eau D’issey By Issey Miyake ScentbirdIt is the perfume that tugs heavily on the zen ideology’s strings of being present in the moment and savoring life. Its freshness and exquisiteness are reminiscent of the prowess of Imperial Japanese Gardens.

It’s Japanese perfection meets futurism: a whisper of wood drenched in a dense, cloudy mist of citrus. It is like being trapped underneath a waterfall, yet you are thirsty for more, unable to control your thirst…

Simone by Tocca

Simone By ToccaSimple and light in composition, Simone by Tocca is an elegant solution to the question what scent can I carry in my Scentbird case August to October? Fruity, floral and flirty with dash of woodsy, Simone will make you choose her over all the other scents almost every month.

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

Aromatics Elixir By CliniqueClinique’s Aromatics Elixir is a warm, spicy, earthy, floral, clean, soft, inviting perfume, capturing the initial nature of perfumes: to enhance your essence. This is the smell of nostalgia, of the times when perfumes, women and wines came strong, and men’s willpower to resist them was weak!

Be Delicious by DKNY

Be Delicious By DknyIt is no entry-level fresh, juicy, simple perfume. Fruits laced with fresh cucumber and happily ever after married with spring flower blossoms. Sweetness, depth, sexiness guaranteed. This staple of classic perfumes has become DKNY fragrant bread and butter that gets along beautifully with every style, event and mood!

Burberry Brit EDT by Burberry

Burberry Brit EdtSince its inception in 1856, Burberry has been a flagship brand for the all-European (and American) luxury and prepster image, and is even an all-time favorite among the British royalty. With hints of vanilla, lime, tonka bean, pear, and sweet almond, Burberry Brit evokes a fragrant, sunny afternoon tea in a lush, green garden. The unique classic scent is sweet, but fresh and light.

Carven Le Parfum by Carven Parfums

Carven Le Parfum By Carven Parfums On ScentbirdIt is a sexy, tempestuous, elegant and effortlessly chic French perfume. Since it’s common knowledge that the French consider chicness as a civic duty, the sole intention of Carven Le Parfum’s understated elegance is to highlight your natural style. Upstaging is not this perfume’s modus operandi, although jewelry fades into insignificance when wearing this Carven gem.

Bright Crystal by Versace

Bright CrystalTake things to the next level with Bright Crystal. When you want your true self to shine bright like a bright crystal, this perfume is not just the right choice, is the only choice.

Yuzu, peony, magnolia and lotus is the winning combo, so place all your bets on it!



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