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Hey There, Fall! Our Guide to Fall’s Most Stylish Colognes

Stylish Colognes


Hey There, Fall! Our Guide to Fall’s Most Stylish Colognes

Get in the new season with fresh colognes, the ones that will help you move seamlessly from summer to fall. Update your fragrance wardrobe with these modern and unexpectedly stylish scents, delivered straight to your doorstep.  

Remarkable People by Etat Libre d`Orange:

Remarkable People By Etat Libre DorangeLet’s take this opportunity to become acquainted with Remarkable People, which is an intriguing scent ready to seduce. For men who are not afraid to take an olfactive detour, this bubbly unisex fragrance is fun, unconventional and long-lasting. Spray it on your wrists and find out if the fragrant trinity consisting of champagne, citrus and cardamom conveys that lust-worthy experience everyone’s after.

From casual Saturday hanging-out bar sessions with friends to fashionable parties, with Remarkable People that oh-so-snug-and-smug feeling is ready and waiting for you.

Greyland by Montale:

Greyland By MontaleLocker room chatter says this cologne is ideal for cold weather due to the intensely refreshing partnership of pepper and cedar. Vetiver will send your heart racing, and a discreet shade of rose is enough to spark a sufficient amount of romance.

Desert Blush by Raw Spirit Fragrances:

Desert Blush By Raw Spirit FragrancesFloral accords for fall? You bet. Try Desert Bush, a unisex treat by Raw Spirit Fragrances. Desert Blush is a warm, sophisticated, floral scent inspired by Western Australian at sunset, just before darkness falls. A heady scent, opening with a sweet burst from the intoxicating flowery note of region-native boronia followed by warm, mellow notes of wild sandalwood, harvested in Australia. 

All you trendsetters out there, this is the cologne that will define your season!

Intenso EDP by Dolce & Gabbana

Intenso Edp By Dolce GabbanaFalling for fall has never been easier, thanks to the Italian designer duo and their Italian-cool vibe. Intenso EDP by Dolce & Gabbana is an intriguing hybrid of green, sweet, and aromatic themes that will draw your attention to their precocious energy right from the start.

Masculine notes can be traced back to playful nuances of tobacco, hay and sandalwood, which does not subside with the addition of the aromatic lavender. Clean, redolent clary sage, dominant lavender, and intense tobacco note makes it a go-to cologne choice for fall 017.


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