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#NYFW 2017: Nail the NY look with Norell Elixir by Norell


#NYFW 2017: Nail the NY look with Norell Elixir by Norell

To celebrate the end of New York Fashion Week Fall 2017, we’ve chosen Norell Elixir as the scent that best embodies the style of the this fashion capital.
Evoking the appeal of the Big Apple, Norell Elixir is an attractive scented combination of white flowers juxtaposed with dark woods, reinforced with an intoxicating cool spice.

Daring and hypnotic, Norell Elixir is a spicy fragrance that ignites the senses and enchants the wearer. Loud and powerful, the scent’s spiciness oscillates between pink pepper and pimento, allowing the plum and the Indian tuberose to pick up the notes of patchouli and sandalwood and bind them all together.

Norell Elixir By NorellThe fragrances evokes the magic of Norman Norell’s design aesthetic.

With top notes of Italian mandarin, pink pepper and plum; the opening is an ode to passion. It dries down to a sensual, spicy scent merging Indian tuberose, Egyptian jasmine and pimento with base notes of sandalwood and patchouli.

A sophisticated spicy fragrance, perfect for women whose femininity burns brighter than the starry sky of New York!

With just the right amount of -glamour , this gem from Norell Fragrance House captures the essence of sophistication.


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