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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas Your Father Will Love

Father'S Day Fragrance Gift Set

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas Your Father Will Love

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift that will make dad feel like the most cherished man in the world, here’s a tip: stay away from the ties and books and buy him a sophisticated Father’s Day fragrance gift set instead. Here are four he’ll simply adore:

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Set

Superheroes need a cape and mask to validate their actions, but real men only need a dab of cologne to own the room, or even the entire Universe. Your father’s parenting techniques, his love and his personal style are cool, just like your dad. His jokes may need a bit of polish, but he’s always prepared to save the day.

If you’re trying to find the right set of fragrances that say ”Dad I love you and your perpetually young heart”, try saying it with the ones included in SECRET AGENT Gift Set: COMMODITY Gin; ENGLISH LAUNDRY Cambridge Knight and CARVEN PARFUMS Carven Pour Homme.

Gentleman Scentbird Gift Set

Is your father a true gentleman? He dresses well, speaks gently and has that old Hollywood charm? I am sure he is always composed, except when his favorite team loses. He’s someone who relishes in his masculinity while acknowledging the woman standing next to him.

He is not afraid of those three little words, but he’s more a man of action than words. You are the center of his vast, enormous universe.

Does this sound pretty much like your father? If he is in possession of all the qualities that separate him from the other men, then make sure to tell him that, in a scented fashion.

Go for Scentbird Gentleman gift set, which is fully equipped with three colognes that complete his gentlemanly traits: (MALIN+GOETZ)Dark Rum; BVLGARI Bvlgari Man in Black and DOLCE & GABBANA The One for Men.

Trendsetter Cologne Gift Set

You’ve got style? Because that is clearly a hereditary trait. Your father’s not so subtle fascinating style is trendsetting condensed. Everything on or with him is carefully chosen.

The staple of his wardrobe is not clothes, but right attitude towards life. He’s adventurer, trailblazer, style maverick. And he’s your best friend in the whole wide world.

There is one thing he’s clearly missing that would complete his style, and that is Scentbird Trendsetter gift set, containing three colognes that announce and confirm his presence wherever he goes: VERSACE Eros; KENNETH COLE Black Bold and GUCCI Gucci Guilty Black

Mr Billionaire Cologne Gift Set

For your father, winning is a game. He takes risks all the time, but these risks are smart and adrenaline rising. He is your true superhero.

“Go big or go home” is his motto. He taught you that failure is a best friend and a teacher, since you cannot make it in life without making a few enemies along the way.

With your love and you beside him, he may have everything, but a small token of appreciation will make him feel like he’s truly on top of the world.

And I have the perfect appreciation, the one you cannot shake it off: Scentbird Mr. Billionaire gift set.

Inside he will find a scented incentive to continue his reign in powerful fashion: BENTLEY Bentley for Men EDT; AMOUAGE Honor Man and TOM FORD Tom Ford Noir EDT

And if you really want to make him proud, make Dad’s Day last an entire year. Gift him a subscription to Scentbird which lets him to choose the fragrances he wants. None of the guess work for you, and all of the awesomeness for your dad.
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