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Summer Scents To Throw In Your Beach Bag


Summer Scents To Throw In Your Beach Bag

Sunscreen, your fave bikini, a trusty summer read and lip balm (so much lip balm) are our beach bag essentials this summer. Are we forgetting something? Of course we are…From frozen banana swirl to sand and sea accords, check out our beach-ready perfume picks we’re loving right now (plus a few tips on how to wear them in the blazing sun).

Vanille Banane By Comptoir Sud PacifiqueVanille Banane by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This one smells like ripen banana mixed with whipped cream, vanilla and rum – so you’re going to spritz Vanille Banane and immediately crave an ice cream sundae – and smell delicious.  A gently boozy gourmand fragrance, this Comptoir find is a treat. Feet up, Out of Office on: spray, spray, spray all day long.

Mmmm... By Juliette Has A GunMMMM… by Juliette Has A Gun

Beach babe vibes or island nights, MMMM smells  glamorous and mischievous at once. Juicy, tart raspberries mingle with vanilla, sandalwood and caramel in this alluring offering from Juliette Has A Gun.  Sexy and addictive, MMMM.. is what you spray when you’re to a bonfire bash that turns into a late-night dance session.

Sensous NudeSensuous Nude by Estée Lauder

A  stripped-down version of Estée Lauder’s iconic Sensuous fragrance, Sensuous Nude adds a fun-in-the-sun twist with coconut water, vanilla, cashmere musk and sandalwood. A perfume that captures the pure bliss of sprawling on towel as the waves crash in around you, Nude is like an enhanced, elegant version of your actual aroma. It’s the way you want to smell after a relaxing day by the ocean,.

Costarela By Carner BarcelonaCostarela by Carner Barcelona

Whether you’re skipping off to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, your coastline routine could use a boost from Carner Barcelona. Costarela is a fragrance  that distills the summer spirit into notes of bergamot, warm amber, sea salt and sand. It’s vibrant and citrusy and also grown-up, exotic and smooth. We think you’ll love this one into fall!

Since perfumes contain alcohol and other photosensitive components (certain essential oils),  they can counter the effects of sunscreen and expose the skin to the harmful sun rays. To avoid this, apply perfume on your hair ends. Another trick is to take a small cotton cloth, spray a generous amount of your perfume on it and keep it inside  your beach hat or towel for a day or two.

Tell us your fave summery scents or tips + tricks for beach application on Instagram @Scentbird.


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