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Rock Some Serious Kat Von D Attitude with Saint and Sinner

Kat Von D


Rock Some Serious Kat Von D Attitude with Saint and Sinner

Kat Von D is a multi-talented force of nature: she’s a cosmetics and fragrance designer, tattoo artist, musician, model, and television personality to name just a few. But if fragrance is your introduction to her work, you should know about Saint and Sinner. It’s been a long (8 years!) wait for diehard fans to get their hands on these scents again, and for those of you who haven’t sampled Kat Von D’s cult-status perfumes, this is your chance.

Same OG scents in gorgeous glass flacons she designed for their resurrection, based on sketches refined over months of revision. Matching white and black bottles overflowing with curving, mysterious swirls that mimic the trail of scent emanating from the perfumes.  

Saint and Sinner are florals with a stunning jasmine note front and center. There is an intoxicating warmth in the floral heart of both Saint and Sinner – the shared jasmine note is fully expressed for maximum sensual impact, but with a silky texture and a lighter weight that opens up more versatility and nuance in layering with go-to looks.

These can be worn separately or layered together for a scent to play up both sides of your personality.

Celebrate your sweet side with Saint’s jasmine and tiare flower over sparkling Mirabelle plum and sheer vanilla – being a good girl never smelled more dreamy, romantic and alluring.

Indulge in your Sinner side with bold jasmine tinted with soft orange blossom. Sparkling Mirabelle plums, sheer vanilla, cinnamon, and a base of vetiver, patchouli, and wood notes spice up every wild impulse that you can come up with.

And if longevity and depth are what you want most from a new fragrance, Saint and Sinner have you covered. Both of these scents set up shop quickly, with a richness and power in the notes that lasts comfortably for several hours. We suggest throwing on Saint early in the day and then spraying Sinner’s delicious gourmand feel on top of it right before the evening begins. You’ll be set until dawn.


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