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Pack Smart: Summer Colognes For The Savvy Traveler



Pack Smart: Summer Colognes For The Savvy Traveler

Your flight’s booked, your passport’s packed, you, and all that stands between you and your long-awaited getaway is your empty Scentbird case. Which cologne(s) should you pack for your summer escape? We’ve compiled our fave fragrances inspired by exotic locales to keep you smelling great, wherever the wind takes you.

Light Blue LipariLight Blue Swimming in Lipari by Dolce and Gabbana

Inspired by the breathtaking Sicilian scenery, Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue Swimming in Lipari opens with a burst of grapefruit that gives way to sea salt, before introducing a dash of rosemary and animalic ambergris.

Basically, it smells like a mix of salt crystals citrus notes and a dip in a hidden grotto all rolled into one. Spritz liberally.  

Egypt By Eight BobEgypt by EIGHT & BOB

Carrying the touch sent forth by ancient Egyptian priests, the original perfume masters,Eight & Bob’s warm, woody scent celebrates the African country.

This is a spicy, complex cologne that is both timeless and modern. With a dash of cardamom and nutmeg at the heart, the fragrance dries down, leaving the essence of patchouli and leather lingering on the wearer.

Riviera By English LaundryRiviera by English Laundry

English Laundry’s Riviera will drop you along France’s exquisite coastline,  replete with notes of mandarin orange, bergamot, black pepper and a hint of cedarwood. Clean and crisp, English Laundry’s opens with citrusy top notes, softened with lavender at the heart and spiced with nutmeg at the base.

A warm-weather must-have, Riviera is a consistent favorite on site with its subtle aromatics and fresh vibe.

SolareSolare by Vince Camuto

One whiiff of Vince Camuto’s Solare and you’ll be transported to lush citrus groves along the Italian coastline.

Solare opens with a zesty mandarin orange accord that  gives way to spicy cardamom and paprika. The dry down is all about soft cashmere wood, so you know it will smell incredible all day into night.

Why take it from us, when one of our reviewers summed it up best, “[it’s] one of the bests scents for the summer. Love it!” We agree.

Bentley For Men Azure By BentleyBentley for Men Azure by Bentley

Drawing inspiration from fresh seacoast air, Azure opens with juicy pineapple and violet leaf.  Fresh squeezed tangerine tingles with lavender, sage and subtle tea notes. A four-star fragrance that dries down to tonka bean and smooth woody notes, Bentley for Men Azure is perfect for those who love an unexpected scent medley that transforms as its breathes on the skin.

Ample dose of pineapple injects brightness in the composition, because there’s no room for heavy scents this season.

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