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Summer Perfume Spotlight: Eau D Orange Verte by Hermes

Eau D Orange Verte By Hermes Scentbird

Summer Perfume Spotlight: Eau D Orange Verte by Hermes

Summer fragrances are  simple and fun. Like a fizzy Prosecco pink enjoyed in the dusk, when the sky is trying to decide what looks best: peach, orange, or purple hues.

Eau d`Orange Verte Hermes is simply a lovable perfume. Uncomplicated, fresh and fun.

Its olfactory dichotomy (a.k.a. unisex character), its freshness, its bitterness allows for incredible worshiping of the sweet notes.

While there are several perfumes that allow for an escape, Eau d’Orange Verte celebrates the moment.This Hermes’s vintage iconic scent is like a refreshing glass of lemonade served on a porch on a hot summer evening. It’s a scent that agrees with everyone, for it’s reminiscent of carefree summer days when deciding between the river or beach was the biggest challenge of the day.

Hermes Notes

The notes of the perfume are ubiquitously admired: orange, mandarin orange, Amalfi lemon, mint and cassis, pinned by oakmoss and patchouli. It’s one of the best olfactory cocktails you’ll encounter this summer.

The opening notes ride the very edge of scented citrus overdrive, deviating perilously close to the abyss of what can be called fragranced bitterness but since we’re talking about Hermes, we know we won’t go over that cliff.

Instead, the composition rides smoothly.

Just when you think that all you will be left with is a bitter lemony scent that tingles your nostrils, the patchouli enters the stage, like a well-renowned musician.

And in that moment, you know how the bitter freshness was just a prelude to the musical happening of the century, of the energy charging instant.

The notes over flood the senses, and just when you think that its beauty cannot be sustained, the citrusy notes reappear, elating you, like a phone call from a long-forgotten friend.

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