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June Jubilee

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June Jubilee

The top scent blends to try this summer. Set those heavy fragrances aside for the winter and bring out those light and breezy summer scents!

1029941Marc Jacobs’s Daisy is a popular scent known for its  floral scents that come together to bring out the innocence in all of us. The main notes of the fragrance are violet flowers and strawberries, making it perfect for any outdoor event.


1408310413720Ralph Lauren’s Romance Summer Blossom is a fresh and light scent that reflects bright and sunny summer days.


943571With Bright Crystal by Versace, you are brought another world with just a spritz. The strong and concentrated floral vibrancy of Bright Crystal is not only resistant to sweat and body odor, but will also make anyone noticeable and is seemingly the perfect perfume for parties or a date.


Vera Wang’s Princess Night is the fruity side of summer scents, that is an attention-grabber due to the powerful combination of vanilla, raspberry, and sugar cane.


1408312058789Santa Domingo by Oscar de la Renta is the summer scent for feisty personalities, and contrasts the soft notes commonly seen in floral and citrus perfumes. The spiciness of Santa Domingo is a result of its coriander, turmeric, and traces of patchouli.

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