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Stay At Home Wellness Workout Essentials


Stay At Home Wellness Workout Essentials

Whether you do burpees between video calls or dance in the living room, staying active is the best way to burn that pent-up energy, relieve stress and boost your immune system. We’re all about support, so to keep you motivated, we leave you with this list of workout-enhancing products and Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode Spotify playlist:

#1 GOLDE Cacao Golde Turmeric Tonic

You probably are already a golden latte fan, but this one by Golde is truly an MVP. Called a bliss-boosting blend of turmeric, coconut, ginger, and organic raw cacao, the inflammation-balancing tonic improves skin elasticity, gut health and immunity – and this is the best part-  it balances stress by connecting to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Ideal.

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#2 SIMRIS Algae Omega – 3 For Athletes

Taken regularly, omega-3 supplements have shown to decrease depression and anxiety, fight inflammation and improve heart health. But not all omega-3 products are created equal, and while these supplements are good for you, they’re bad for fish and the planet. Simris, the Swedish wellness brand bridges this gap by producing omega-3 EPA from farmed diatom algae. You stay healthy, the fish stay alive. Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

To add Algae Omega – 3 For Athletes to your queue, click here:–3-for-athletes-1576

#3 VITALFIT Tart Cherry

So, you’ve taken this beast mode on too far or you’ve slept funny on the couch( binge watching Tiger King on Netflix will do that to you) and now you have back pain and sore muscles. Been there, done that. The best cure? Tart Cherry, jam-packed supplements that help reduce oxidative stress, soreness, inflammation, and eliminate free radicals.

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#4 PURSOMA After The Class Bath Soak

It’s all in the name of Pursoma’s After The Class Bath Soak. The post-workout recovery bag includes a blend of magnesium chloride, sea salt, aromatherapy essential oils and unique hand-collected intention stones to calm the mind and the body. It’s all the pampering of a self-care Sunday packed in a single bag!

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