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Post-workout recovery to relieve sore muscles with magnesium chloride. 100% natural aromatherapy blend to calm the mind. Unique hand-collected intention stones inside each bag.

Pursoma After The Class Bath Soak rating and reviews

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A few months ago I had read about this brand of bath salt in a magazine (while I was taking a bath! LOL) talking about what the "stars" use after their Soul-Cycle classes or whatever. Baths are my favorite thing and I take one everyday so I'm always on the lookout for something new. When I saw the price of this I almost choked on my wine. But then I noticed that Scentbird had several to try and I was so excited! I went with this one first because it mentions that it contains a "hand sourced intention crystal" Lol that made me laugh pretty loud so I thought I'd give it a try. I really enjoyed it! The smell is amazing and let's be honest, in a bath salt smell is really just about the only thing that matters because magnesium salt is magnesium salt you know? I can go to the dollar store and buy a bag of soaking Epsom salt but it doesn't have the gorgeous scent this one does. You also won't find any "intention crystals" in a bag from the store. :) I will admit that the stone was really a neat addition as I have a little tray I like to keep pretty stones I find on my walks on so it was nice to have this little "extra". So basically, if you love baths and are looking to splurge a little on some fancy magnesium salt that smells terrific and contains a little surprise and feels like you are at a posh spa, this is for you! I highly recommend it and I will be trying the other 3 options that Scentbird offers over the next few months.