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Sore muscles, achy joints, and occasional afternoon back pain can be a real...pain. It can kill your workout, throw off your workday, stop your weekend in its tracks. Thanks to Mother Nature, it doesn't need to be this that way. Cue Tart Cherry, a natural anti-inflammatory to help shake daily aches, pains, and soreness so you can move with purpose through every day, every workout.<br><br> <b>Key Benefits: </b> <br><br> 1) Reduce/manages inflammation.<br><br> 2) Relieve aches, pains, and soreness in 1-3 hours.<br><br> 3) Accelerate exercise recovery. <br><br> 4) The highest anti-inflammatory content of any whole food.

VitalFit Tart Cherry rating and reviews

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4.5 out of 5
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35 to 44
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i was skeptical of these at first, beacaue i have never used anything like this. I can say i was pleased with them and will be ordering more. When i placed them in my queue, i thought they were a vitamin but i found out when i received them they were for inflammation and soreness. They definitely do help my neck which i injured 5 years ago. They also give my body a relaxed feeling, not so tense.
Rated4on the scale of0to5
Worth a try
I noticed my knee pain has been better since I started taking these. After a day where I went a bit extra, I was in pain for 2 days after. Now the pain isn't completely gone, but it's reduced enough I don't need to slow down or medicate it.
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25 to 34
Great product
Definitely helps with my day to day soreness due to chronic pain issues. The taste of the capsules is not the best. Drink with something flavored. Overall, would definitely buy again.
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45 to 54
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Blown away
I love this product.i totally epected it not to work but i was sooo wrong helped w soreness an my kness not cracking in mornings or up the stairs
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Great product.
Rated5on the scale of0to5
omg I loved this product. I have gout and tart cherries are my savior. these have been the most effective and simplistic form I've had.