St. Patrick’s Day and Perfume: What Goes Best with The Wearing O’ The Green?



St. Patrick’s Day and Perfume: What Goes Best with The Wearing O’ The Green?

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon, and no matter where you’re from, the Wearing O’ The Green is a day made for wearing perfume.

Ireland is a land famous for great artists and rebels, and their culture is lyrical, wild and mysterious – which makes your choice of what to wear that much more creative and fun.

You can let your imagination run wild, and there’s no saying that you have to stick with a traditionally “green” scent, either. But even if you feel drawn to the mossy or dewy side of the perfume spectrum, there’s still a wide range of possibilities to choose from.

If you know where to look, there’s always a scent to match your mood, whether you’re planning to stay in to read poetry, catch a St. Patty’s Day Parade with your kids, or raise a pint to all things Irish down at your local (or all three if you’re truly Irish at heart!).

To help get you in the mood to celebrate, here are three scents that proudly add a little Irish luck to whatever it is you love to do. All of these are fine to wear by either a man or a woman, and if you’re especially daring, you might try layering them to create a St. Patrick’s Day perfume all your own.

For The Romantic Poets

Commodity Book fragrance could not be more ideal for those who prefer a windy walk on the moors or maybe just to your favorite bookstore to honor your Irish blood. There’s a damp, lushly sensual mystery to this fragrance that will lure you outdoors to knock over old stumps and dig your hands deep in the earth.

It is part of their Black Collection, which offers opulent, dark and moody scents over lighter, fresher fragrances. The major notes are cucumber, vetiver and guaiac wood, for an ancient, woodsy and arcane feel.

Book also has some weight and gravitas to it, making it a perfume to match with a floppy tweed coat and turtleneck sweater while reciting a poem about the Celtic magic that runs deep in the twilight woods.

Commodity Book

For The Parade Lovers

Carven Vetiver by Carven Parfums is a joy to wear to any event where standing for long periods of time is part of the fun.

It is a light and minty-fresh take on usually mossy vetiver, that will keep you alert and refreshed as you wait for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to start. There’s a fair amount of lavender in the heart, along with geranium for a calm, and soothing vibe (you might be grateful for this when there is scarce parking and not a close enough seat for your 4-year old to able to see the parade.)

Thankfully, it’s also a scent that will get you plenty of “What are you wearing?” comments from the crowd – it’s approachable, but stays crisp and cool in tight spaces. Which is exactly what you want on a fun day out with your family and everyone else’s.

Carven Perfumes Carven Vetiver@2X

For the St. Patty’s Day Party People

England’s Room 1015 is a fragrance line you’ll need to know about if a typical day means that you wake up at noon and go to bed at sunrise.

Their company name honors a hotel room in Los Angeles notorious for being destroyed at epic after-show parties by touring musicians in the 1970’s.

And in keeping with the thrash-and-burn aesthetic, each Room 1015 scent offers its own version of rock and roll mayhem. Electric Wood is exactly what it sounds like – a musky, dry and hot scent that smells like fried circuits, humming metal guitar strings and overheated wood.

Room 1015 Electric Wood

The cedar, iris and sweet, spicy nutmeg will back up whatever plan you come up with – whether you crash early, or you are the only one left for last call after dancing all night to the Dropkick Murphys in a cramped Boston bar.

Let Scentbird know if you have any favorite fragrance go-to’s for St. Patrick’s Day, or any good “This could have only happened on St. Patty’s Day” stories.

Whatever you do, be safe, have fun and we know you’ll smell fantastic. Slainte!

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