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Chic of the Week: Electric Wood by Room 1015

Electric Wood Room 1015

Chic of the Week: Electric Wood by Room 1015


ELECTRIC WOOD eau de parfum by Room 1015 is a fragrance inspired by the scent of a vintage gibson guitar.

Infatuation at first touch, the woodsy body of a Gibson guitar is depicted through ingredients of oak wood and cedar while iris and nutmeg tug heavily on the heartstrings of this fragrance.

The olfactive namesake of the notorious rock’n’roll landmark Room 1015 at the Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles (where famous bands trashed their hotel room), Room 1015 fragrances encapsulate the larger than life aura and culture of rock’n’roll icons.

Electric Wood Room 1015

Electric Wood Room 1015 opens with with a sexy woodsy burst of ambroxan and cedar. Cedar note is warm and smoky, its warmth drawn out by the ambroxan, slowly melts on the body.

Oak and resins notes soon join this woodsy exotic dance, leading into an earthy heart with slightly animalic vibe.

Then comes the soft, close whisper of iris, fueled by nutmeg.

The floral spicy base of iris and nutmeg is slightly tilting this fragrance from its woodsy nature, uprooting the earthy vibe and transforming it into soft, creamy floralcy, spicy woody fragrance that is clearly unique.

Attention-getting, intriguing with a badass name, this androgynous scent will stay with you all day long, just like a song’s refrain stuck in your head …  

Electric Wood is unique, comforting, warm, woodsy spice blend of notes which nurture your soul and boost your confidence, giving you just enough love to smother the universe!


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