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Cologne of the Month for April: Fat Electrician by Etat Libre D’Orange: Punk Vetiver!

Fat Electrician


Cologne of the Month for April: Fat Electrician by Etat Libre D’Orange: Punk Vetiver!

We here at Scentbird in addition to offering luxury designer scents, also like to hunt down niche lines that have carved their own path out of the densely scented department store jungle.

Etat Libre D’Orange, based in Paris,is unlike any other perfume company. If you are looking for something original that is far outside the mainstream, Etat Libre D’Orange will save your soul.

Fat Electrician is for the vetiver lovers that follow Scentbird. But in this perfume, the earthiness of the vetiver is contrasted immediately by a thick, sweet chestnut cream accord.

The notes in Fat Electrician are expertly balanced, and there’s a definite urban feel here. Hints of leather and earth are center stage, with a voluptuous sweetness behind everything that makes this vetiver-based scent less traditional and much more daring and sexy.

What Makes Etat Libre D’Orange Unique:
Etat Libre D’Orange is no holds-barred, down the rabbit hole crazy fun. Their perfumes exist to both shock you out of your routine, but be as fun as possible to wear. These are scents that might not appeal to anyone who only wants safe, fresh, clean styles in their collection, but for the curious and the jaded, Etat Libre D’Orange rules the school.

Why Etat Libre D’Orange Works:
Fat Electrician, even with its cheeky title, is still fine French perfume. The notes are perfectly pitched and the contrast between earthy leather tones and bakery fresh sweetness is both unexpected and exhilarating. Despite the obviously punk feel, the entire line is meant to be worn and enjoyed.

For Men or Women?
Fat Electrician skews more masculine than feminine (vetiver is usually a solid staple of mens’ colognes), but if Etat Libre D’Orange prides itself on shattering the expected, then so should you.

When to Wear Fat Electrician:
Fat Electrician is wearable indoors or out, day or night. It’s a scent for tramping through a dense green forest or for winning bets off the green felt of the pool table at your favorite hang.

Fat Electrician By Etat Libre Dorange 1

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A fine mix of arousing gourmand notes to highlight the fragrance natural addictiveness and a base of vetiver, Fat Electrician and its fine French nature is a must-try.

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