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Smells Like Heaven: Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo

Emozione By Salvatore Ferragamo Scentbird

Smells Like Heaven: Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo

Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo is olfactive embodiment of elegance: it wakes and revives your quiescent grace, spoiling you with sumptuous warmth and femininity.

The unmistakable aroma of natural iris essence lifts you from the moment it touches your skin. The scented blend of suede and white musk persuade you to believe in your femininity, your birthright to the best only.

Emozione isn’t just perfect for jumpstarting your day. It is perfect for ending it on a high note, just as well as a great go-through elegance booster through your busy daily schedule.

Its bright, full bodied and scented perfection will inject you with floral, refreshing yet light & airy aroma whenever you reach for it.

Due to the combo of iris, violet and rose, the perfume projects a distinct powdery vibe. However, Emozione is prevented from maturing into a full blown powdery scent with the interjection of  zesty bergamot.

The notes float seamlessly into the next stage, always present but never highlighted to a sense where it hijacks the air with its beauty.

The suede note is an understated star in the composition, giving a smoky sensation to the scented anatomy of the perfume.

If this perfume was a woman, it would be a love-intoxicated siren, her immaculate dress stylishly hugging her womanly features at all the right places with smoky makeup, tottering ever so slightly on her stilettos, in a very much Marilyn way.

It’s an elegant perfume made all the more beautiful by the succulent bergamot smell which fades to crushed floral petals, permeating your nose, your skin and your thoughts.

It smells like heaven…For this composition, Alberto Morillas, the perfuming wizard deserves a standing ovation!

Emozione By Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance for women notes

Top notes: Bergamot, Iris, Peach

Middle notes:Peony, Bulgarian rose, Heliotrope;

Base notes:Patchouli, Suede, White musk. 

The most prominent notes are iris, white musk and heliotrope; the scent’s projection and longevity are strong while its sillage is moderate.

Emozione By Salvatore Ferragamo on Scentbird

If you are into special, utterly enchanting, soft floral meets clean cashmere suede, sexy evolving scents and you love when they call your name, I suggest you check out Scentbird‘s Ferragamo page. 

For 14.95 dollars per month, you will receive a full month supply of this heavenly scent and celebrate spring in a new, elegant olfactive veil. 

Revising your fragrant garment has never been so fun!

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