Fragrant Substitute For Spring

Fragrant Spring

Fragrant Substitute For Spring

Party and holiday season is over, and cold temperatures and gray skies do not leave plenty of room for enthusiasm. However, if spring is what you crave for, I have some tricks up my sleeve on how to lure sunshine in your life.

Call it my Fragrant Spring Invoking Ritual!

1.Powder blush and floral perfume are mandatory every morning

During the winter, we all look kinda pale. Separate yourself from the gloomy crowds with the help of a brighter, stronger shade of powder blush.  This will give you a natural, healthy flushed look and a will to fall in love with yourself once again.

Finish the morning ritual with a few sprays of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. The initial spray of the perfume reminds me of tiny white blossoms that float like bits of fluff cotton in the mid-summer air.

This powerhouse of perfume is equally abundant with happy emotions and snugness, so it was bound to be a major hit.

Daisy By Marc Jacobs Scentbird

2. Surround yourself with flowers and sunshine invoking fragrance

Gazing upon a vase filled with bouquet of bright yellow mimosas will lift your mood while you drink your first cup of coffee in the morning. Trust me, this will do the trick even if you got up before seven am, while it is still dark outside and it seems as if the sun has overslept this morning.

But before you reach for the cup, there is one thing you need to do that will instantaneously help you feel better: spray a bit of Eau des Merveilles by Hermes  on the inner sleeve of your blouse or dress (make sure to test the fabrics for staining before you do this).

This way, every time you reach for the cup, you will be treated with a marvelous fragrance with magic dust, making adults believe in magic again!

Eau Des Merveilles By Hermes Scentbird

3. Scent all of your accessories

If you wear a hat during the cold days (which you should), place a floral scent-laden cotton tissue inside it whenever you store the hat. You can use the same trick with gloves and scarves.

I recommend Un Jardin En Mediterranee by Hermes. This perfume reminds me of a day spent in the haze of sunshine filled contentment. It has the power to let me feel the sun on my face even on the gloomiest of days.

Un Jardin En Mediterranee By Hermes Scentbird

4. Take some time to smell the roses

With a little over a month til the official arrival of spring, use this time to take things slowly. Enjoy this slow period for some me-time. Read a good book, watch some black and white movies and don’t forget to inhale a breath-full of roses along the way. My pick: Body Rose Gold by Burberry.

If this perfume were a woman, it would be a barefooted lady hiding from the world in a forgotten garden. With her every step onto the crushed rose petals that create chaotic divineness, the intoxicating scent is spread into the air. Sophisticated, delicate and utterly mysterious.

Body Rose Gold By Burberry Scentbird

For A Fragrant Spring

Spring cannot come soon enough. Is this is a line you keep on repeating every day?

While I cannot convince March 21st to come sooner than expected, I know a way you can chase away the winter blues: It’s called Scentbird.

With more than 100+ strictly spring fragrances, you are bound to let the sunshine in!

Scentbird is about the fun and magic of fragrance. Get access to a 30-day supply of hundreds of top designer and niche fragrances delivered to your door for just $14.95 per month.

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