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How to Smell Amazing Every Day: The Guide

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How to Smell Amazing Every Day: The Guide

We all have that one friend who smells good no matter the day, occasion or season. And while the fragrance in question, genes and proper hygiene habits play a role, there are some rules that need to be obeyed in order to get a membership into the “always smell amazing” club.

  • Rule Number One: Hydration, inside and out

“My skin has eaten my perfume!” Please raise your eyebrow if you claim ownership of this sentence. Now, get up and pour yourself a big cup of water and drink it.

If the perfume on your skin dissipates quickly, there is a great, massive chance that you have dry skin and that your body is craving water. In that state, the skin will absorb quickly literally any liquid on its surface.

Hydration is the key to keeping the perfume on your skin, not inside. And just to be on the safe side, 30 minutes prior to any perfume application, make sure you apply a generous amount of scent-free water-based lotion.

  • Rule Number Two: Healthy Diet

Fresh, unprocessed foods aren’t just good for your body, these are good for your perfume also. Numerous studies have shown that alcohol, red meat and deep fried foods lead to bad body odor, which simply seeps out through the pores.

Sweat or skin chemistry depend a lot on your dietary lifestyle, so the next time you notice that the fragrance smells a lot better in the bottle than on your skin, try to remember if it has anything to do with the food you’d eaten the previous day.

Healthy diet is the key to smelling good always, without the need of a scent.

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  • Rule Number Three: Proper scent application

Yes, even the birds on the branches know about the pulsating spots, however very few people know about rubbing just a little bit of vitamin E oil on these spots before spraying.

The oil extends the longevity of the scent on the skin, locking in the scent on the skin, without interfering with the scent itself because of its fragrant neutrality.

The wrists and behind the ears are the most popular application points, but for me the hair is also a popular perfume application point. I spray my perfume a few times on my hair brush, leave it to air dry for a few minutes and then I go through the hair before I go out the door.

  • Rule Number Four: Reapplication

Some scents with lower concentration of perfume oil, such as Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne and most of the citrusy fragrances have a fleeting personality, which means they tend to dissipate very quickly, no matter how hard you try to keep them in your company.

The only way to enjoy them throughout the day is reapplication, which comes handy only if you have travel size cases, like the ones from Scentbird.


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