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Living The Island Life For Him by Tommy Bahama

Island Life For Him By Tommy Bahama


Living The Island Life For Him by Tommy Bahama

If you want to replace the concrete jungle for a real one even for a few hours, you don’t need to employ the powers of daydreaming. What you actually need is Island Life For Him by Tommy Bahama cologne.

Every so often we all need to escape the bustle and unwind. To end up in a place where there are no deadlines, fine print, where exhilaration lasts longer than a single happy hour. And Tommy Bahama understands this. That is why he launched The Island Life collection.

It is a fragrance that spirits you to a place where you get marooned on an island, or bask in some stunning scenery. Or both. It is the way of living the island life.  But we’re not talking the luxurious Hawaiian island way of living. We’re talking about places where simplicity derives pleasure.

And this spartan thinking matrix is transferred on the fragrance’s olfactive spine: it is consisted of three notes only. And these three notes convey the message perfectly.

Island Life For Him By Tommy BahamaThe opening is fresh and elegant, Calabrian bergamot picked on noon when the essential oils are the strongest and richest. They lift you up, walking the tightrope between bitter and joyously succulent.  Immediately afterwards spicy nutmeg invites you to sit back and relax, the scented hammock of the fragrance. The friendly note that chats you up and make you feel good in your own, sun tanned skin.

As the cologne dries down, the euphoria caused by bergamot subsides and the nutmeg invites cedar note to join the group. The time goes by slowly, the nutmeg grows silent and the cedar shines through. And you cannot help but feel grateful for that touch of nature on your skin.

It is the Island Life at its finest. It is elegantly simple, but nonetheless rich composition that will fit in your every plan this summer.


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