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SCENTBIRD’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


SCENTBIRD’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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On the hunt for the perfect gift for that perfect someone in your life? Perfection may be unattainable, but only if you don’t have the right GUIDE! Don’t fret, and let our Scentbird Gift Guide show you the way to the best gifts online.

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Scentbird Gift Guide Option N.1: GIVE THE GIFT OF SCENT

A Scentbird subscription is the gift that keeps on giving!

Get a 3,6, or 12 month subscription for her or for him!

Fragrance is the ultimate gift, however, playing the olfactive Santa is hard work. That is why Scentbird takes on the role of Santa’s Elf, eliminating the stress and letting you enjoy the festive season, knowing that your gift is a real winner.

The best designer, niche and artisan fragrances all in one place, the best fragrance playground to find the perfect olfactive match. Or lots of them. The choice is theirs!

gift subscription

What’s in the Scentbird 3,6, or 12 month gift subscription?  Each month (for the duration of the gift) the recipient will get a 0.27oz spray filled with the scent of their choice. That’s 120 sprays, enough fragrance to apply twice daily for 30 days. The shipping is FREE, and with their first shipment, they will get a sleek case as a “welcome-to-the-Scentbird-family” present.

Oh, and the best part: You can even buy the gift subscription on Christmas Day and the giftee will get on time! (Pssst, we won’t tell anyone you waited ‘til the last minute!) Click here to get it now!

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Scentbird Gift Guide Option N.2: WORLD’S GREATEST GIFT SETS: For Him or for Her

Designed to match their personality perfectly, Scentbird gift sets perfectly capture the essence of the person who will wear it.

You can choose between 7 gift sets FOR HER and 4 FOR HIM.

Each gift set is $59.95 ($85 Value), and includes one month of Scentbird Free (for new subscribers only), but if you HURRY UP, you may be able to CATCH our SPECIAL XMAS OFFER: Mix and match any 2 sets for $99 (save $20!), plus get free shipping!

gift sets offer

Are you still reading this? It’s a limited offer, so click here to get only the greatest gift sets ever!

You Must Order by 12/18 to Get the GIFT SETS by Xmas- get it today! Or even better, now!

gift card

Scentbird Gift Guide Option N.3: GIVE THE GIFT OF FREEDOM

With this gift card, the sky’s the limit!

If the giftee is already a Scentbirdie (member of our ever growing family), he or she will love the idea of having fun with some of the other products and services offered by Scentbird. So, she/he may enjoy upgrading his/her collection of Scentbird cases or even ordering a scent A La Carte, or two, or three.   

And, you can wait ‘till Xmas and get this gift card.  You can be sure you’ll be crowned the best gifter ever! He/she will get the email on time!

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Scentbird Gift Guide Option N.4: GIVE A GIFT TO YOUR AMAZING SELF

If you’re carefully read everything that I’ve written so far, you must have come to the conclusion that gift cards are the most perfect presents, especially is they are redeemed for magical bottles filled with mood, creativity and style boosters.

So, while you play the olfactive Santa, why don’t you give yourself the gift of entering the fragrance playground and explore the options?

Start the New Year on a cheerful, scented note and discover why fragrance is the ultimate accessory!  

Scentbird is your monthly pass to fragrant elegance, chicness and refinement.

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