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Room 1015: The Place Where Music Meets Perfume

Room 1005

Room 1015: The Place Where Music Meets Perfume


Inspired by a radical rock esthetic and the notorious rock’n’roll landmark Room 1015 at the Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles (where famous bands trashed their hotel room), Room 1015 fragrances encapsulate the larger than life aura and culture of rock’n’roll icons.

Room 1015 compositions are fragrant albums pumped up with energetic notes and rebellious accords, expanding the realms of consciousness.

The founder and creative force behind the brand, Michael Partouche or Dr. Mike, is a rocker by trade. At the crossroads of music and skincare, Dr. Mike found fragrance.

To bring his imagination to life, he chose two perfumers, Amelie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel, who gave a rock rift to their fragrance creations, composing full volume scents.

These 3 fragrances by Room 1015 help you smell the sound and energy of music. Listen to the music tracks below that accompany each scent as they transport you to the rebellious world of rock.  Find them at Scentbird:


Inspiration for POWER BALLAD eau de parfum:

Fragrance inspired by the 90’s High School years  when  teenagers  were  kissing  and dancing   while   listening   to heavy   metal power ballads.

Carefree and rebellious, Power Ballad showcases clean and sensual notes of mint, anise, cumin and grapefruit with a bit of grunge and spiced added with notes of cedar and leather.


Inspiration for ELECTRIC WOOD eau de parfum:

Fragrance inspired by the scent of a vintage gibson guitar.

Infatuation at first touch, the woodsy body of a Gibson guitar is depicted through ingredients of oak wood and cedar while iris and nutmeg tug heavily on the heartstrings of this fragrance.  


Inspiration for BLOMMA CULT eau de parfum:

Blomma Cult is a tribute to the psychedelic era with the rise of the Hippie movement and the sexual revolution that occurred in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Rooted in times of the sexual revolution and era of free love, Blomma Cult features sensual ingredients of violet, vanilla, cinnamon and cashmeran, enhanced by the more sexual notes of patchouli and musks.

Room 1005

Excite your nose and ears with scented music, courtesy of Room 1015, now available at Scentbird

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