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Rocking Out to Hollyrose by Room 1015

Hollyrose By Room 1015 Lifestyle


Rocking Out to Hollyrose by Room 1015

If you’re into the scented world for the most creative, cutting-edge, and daring lines from the indie/cult scene, Room 1015 is where you should start at Scentbird.  Room 1015 takes the rock music scene and spins it into hypnotic, deep, and enveloping fragrances, each with their own distinct personalities. If you like a little woozy intensity with your olfactory wardrobe, Room 1015 will be quite happy to oblige.

Hollyrose FdblancRoom 1015 is one of our favorite lines, and we’re super-excited about Hollyrose, a perfume inspired by the women who made their reputations as groupies during the 1970’s music culture in Los Angeles. Pamela Des Barres, Bebe Buell, and Anita Pallenberg were seen as goddesses by the most famous musicians of the era: David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, and Robert Plant to name a few.  

Hollyrose perfectly captures the dreamy sensuality these women offered.  It writhes and sways out of the bottle with decadent swirls of rose absolute shot through with a deep and distinct patchouli note.  Black pepper, silky-soft orchids, and a hit of jet-black leather wrap around the rose and make the entire composition electric. Hollyrose is without question one of the most hypnotically sexy scents we carry, and for rose or patchouli fans, it’s a must-have, gateway fragrance into blissful higher dimensions in fragrance.


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