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Dark Floral Fragrances For Fall

Spicy Scents For Fall

Dark Floral Fragrances For Fall

Whether or not you’re into ultra femme florals like rose, peony and jasmine, falls top notes are here to inspire. Darker, deeper unusual bouquets of scent mingle this season. Here’s we’ve rounded up our top picks for autumn, with plenty of wisteria, dahlia and iris. Take a look:

Dahlia & Vines by Nest

ScentbirdWith notes of peony, narcissus and rose, Dahlia & Vines is elegant, sensual and perfect for evening.  Juicy grape accords are balanced with musk in a delish floral medley perfect for fall – and winter.

Wisteria Blue by Nest

Wisteriablue Edp BottleNest is known for its  focus on florals, so whichever scent you choose from the line, it’s bound to be a treat. It was kinda impossible to choose just one, so we decided to give you two.

The brand’s latest release, Wisteria Blue plucks the delicate of aroma of this flower in bottle with  rose and jasmine. A sprinkle of cool aquatic notes adds freshness, for a light and dewy finish.

Fun fact: According to Nest founder Laura Slatkin, the wisteria essence was extracted from the flowers adorning Marie Antoinette’s home at Versaille. Regal, queenly and super chic for fall.

Violette by Molinard

ScentbirdSpirited and warm, a single spritz of Molinard’s Violette cloaks you in a vibrant aroma.

After the burst of citrus, the heart notes express a fusion of florals and fruits – rose, jasmine, violet, peach and green apple. But it’s the lavish violet, iris and musk that set Violette apart.  

Maya by Tocca

Maya By ToccaThis woody floral composition touts the same lightness and modernity we’ve come to expect from the brand, but Maya is bolder and than the rest of Tocca’s girls.

Vibrant iris, violet leaf and jasmine are accented with a dose of patchouli, oakmoss and black currant, creating a thoughtful interpretation for fall.

Fragile Violet by EB Florals

Eb FloralsvioletFragile Violet has something for everyone: a dose of floralcy, a touch of juiciness, and a thread of greenery.

Mulberry mixes with herbal tea give way to a full floral heart.  Layers of lotus, wisteria and violet add to the intoxicating aroma. The drydown is musky and woody, making it a rich scent that’s equally captivating on a man or a woman.

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