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A Note to Know: Tuberose


A Note to Know: Tuberose

Tuberose is a night-blooming white flower with bold, buttery-sweet aroma. Tuberose is commonly mistaken for a variety of the rose, but it actually has little in common with this flower. In fact, it owes its name to the tuberous – or tube-shaped roots – of the plant.

Also known as Mistress of the Night, the tuberose’s seductive aroma has long been associated with other aphrodisiacs. In Victorian era, unwed girls were forbidden to wear tuberose toilet water for fear it would arouse their passions. In Hawaii, tuberose flowers – along with plumeria and gardenia – have been strewn into leis for bridal purposes.

Native to Mexico, tuberose is similar to orange blossom and gardenia, with earthy undertones that lend a sensual element.

Tuberose is an essential ingredient in many floral scents and pairs well with white floral accords like neroli and jasmine, or bolder notes such as amber and musk,.

Here are some of our fave tuberose interpretations:

1947 Dahlia by EB Florals
1947 Dahlia By Eb Florals By Eric Buterbaugh

Heady tuberose is paired with dahlia and jasmine to create a bouquet of erotic floral notes – or flor-otic if you prefer. The scent’s sweetness is tempered by plums and vanilla, creating a lush scent that wears well day or night.

Honour Woman by Amouage

Honour Woman By AmouageSeductive tuberose is front and center here, alongside jasmine, gardenia and lily of the valley, which brings a shimmer to the scent blend.  Illuminated by spices and leather, Honour Woman evokes sexiness and intrigue and is a clear-cut fave on site.

Michael by Michael Kors

Kourtney Kardashian Favorite Perfume Michael By Michael KorsMichael  offers a modern take on classic tuberose. Cashmere woods and musk should create something creamy and decadent, but instead offer a subtle edginess.  

A sprinkling of spice, meets tamarind, incense and smooth woody notes in a totally delicious, exotic and inviting scent that, on average, scores a sold four out of five stars on Scentbird.

Cleopatra by Tocca

Edp Cleopatra 300DpiThe tamest tuberose iteration in our edit, Cleopatra is a stunning interpretation, inspired by the ancient queen and her favorite notes. It is a combination of fruits, florals, musk and patchouli.

Jasmine  shimmers in the composition, mellowing out the bold mix of musk and patchouli. A touch of tuberose, plus tangy grapefruit add brightness to an otherwise deep composition. This playful perfume complements a hyper-feminine attitude, much like Cleopatra’s.

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