Infusion de Tubereuse Prada for women

She says she doesn’t love him. She says she doesn’t even like him. But her fingers know by heart every inch of his perfect body. She remembers how his almond shaped eyes make the perfect line when he smiles or the dimples on his cheeks that appeared that nigh when she told him about how he makes her heart sing. She won’t confess, she is adamant. But every night she moves her toothbrush next to his, her stockings next to his perfectly folded socks and a long stroke of her hair to kiss his ear goodnight. She has even kept a perfect white leaf from the tuberose bouquet he sent her the day after they met. But no, she does not love him. Maybe her heart knows his heart by heart, but is it love? Hmmmm…

This is how Prada’s Infusion de Tubereuse perfume will make you feel: Enamored, Excited, Clean!

Notesorange, bitter orange, orange blossom, rose, tuberose, sandalwood, dynamone.

Style: A delicate olfactory impression from flowers infusion meeting from all corners of the world!