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Perfume of the Day: Cacharel Catch….Me


Perfume of the Day: Cacharel Catch….Me

cacharel perfume

To her love is a game played not by two, but by every being in the milky texture of the galaxy. She loves it when the pointer on her watch skips a marker every time someone mentions his name. She loves it when he buys her balloons instead of flowers, when he gives her a tiny grasshopper in her palms instead of little kitten with an enormous bow tie in a shiny box. She loves when she gazes into the sky, the scent of mornings adorned with yellow tinted clouds, courtesy of the sun! She relishes the colors of the lollipop, knowing that these are the colors, the scents and the scenery of her wonderful reality! She loves when they play hide and seek in their dreams, never knowing who is the hunter and who is the pray!

This is how Cacharel’s Catch…Me! perfume will make you feel: Seductive, Magical, Optimistic!

Notes: Italian mandarin, petit grain, orange blossom, Italian jasmine, almond milk, amber and woody notes.

Style: Roller-coaster of scents and emotions engulfed in seductive flacon…

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