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Perfume of the Day: Hermes Eau des Merveilles2 min read

09/29/2014 < 1 min read

Perfume of the Day: Hermes Eau des Merveilles2 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minuteEau des Merveilles Hermes

She feels like she has gone through a mice hole and has walked into a middle of fairytale, like miniature version of herself. She then takes advantage of the situation and hops on her favorite mug filled with cappuccino and disturbs the surface of the coffee by making waves with her breath. She imagines how life would unfold if she is as big as a thumb. It is a scary life out there she shrieks, and smiles, surfing through the traffic. She knows that life is magical, mysterious and amuses herself by observing the world through her childish lenses. She is happy, content and always happy to hear people talk behind her back. This way, she knows she is always one step in the future, while all the others can see is her back!

This is how Hermes’s Eau des Merveilles perfume will make you feel: Outstanding! Addicting! Classy! and Very, Very, Very Happy!

Notes: Vetiver, Oak, Cedar, Ambergris , Lemon, Orange, Elemi, Pink Pepper

Style: A marvelous fragrance with magic dust, making adults believe in magic again!

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