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Perfume of the Day: Anna Sui Rock Me!


Perfume of the Day: Anna Sui Rock Me!

Anna Sui Rock Me Perfume

She soaks herself in the energy of the place and allows to be seduced by the music. Today, she decides to be bold and wears her hair in a ponytail, even though the formality of the moment forbids that. She wears her motorcycle jacket and watches the spikes on the leather, reminding her that if she does not try to walk on tightrope, if she does not walk comfortably on the edge, then she is taking up too much space. There are times in her moment when she feels like everything is going right, and in that very moment, she has to change the direction and go left, because that is the only way to know that she is walking for the sake of the journey, not to reach the destination.

This is how Anna Sui’s Rock Me! perfume will make you feel: Energized, Alive and Kicking!

Notes:William pear, green orange and peach skin, honeysuckle, jasmine, lotus, cedar, amber and vanilla.

Style: A rock’n’roll olfactory composition of fruity and floral notes, immersed in high creative scented energy!

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