Hawaiian PlumeriaHawaii is quite simply paradise on Earth. Picture orange-hued sunsets over pristine blue waters, turquoise lagoons, colorful marine life and cultural diversitythe Aloha State certainly reigns supreme among tropical getaways. But if you aren’t visiting anytime soon, Lisa Hoffman’s Hawaiian Plumeria is your golden ticket.

Lisa Hoffman’s fragrance line has been meticulously crafted to capture her innate wanderlust and Hawaiian Plumeria is no different. Sweet plumeria, Hawaii’s iconic flower, greets and envelops you like a welcoming lei. Tropical notes of shaved coconut, green foliage, exotic orchids and fresh ocean air calm your senses. This perfume brings forth sunshine and happiness no matter the time of year.

So if you’re missing summer as we move into winter, Hawaiian Plumeria will do the trick. One spritz will instantly whisk you away to the Islands. Close your eyes. Appreciate the scent. You actually might hear the sounds of a ukulele strumming and begin to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. In reality the warmth may be coming from your sweater … but let’s just pretend for now.


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