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Calvin Klein euphoria – December Perfume of the Month

Euphoria Ck


Calvin Klein euphoria – December Perfume of the Month

Calvin Klein has been defining our inner moods through scent for decades. This line has mastered the ability to express emotion with fragrance, redefining the meaning of sensuality with each new release. Eternity, Obsession, CKOne, In2U – the list of recognizable fragrances is long. Calvin Klein’s polished reserve and crisp, tailored approach to fragrances has earned the company a well-deserved place in the iconic perfume pantheon. And many of us can remember a Calvin Klein scent being one of the first fragrances we ever bought when we first discovered the world of scent, and began collecting them.

Ck Euphoria Bottle Shot 100MlScentbird is happy to announce that we now carry one of the most iconic perfumes from the Calvin Klein fragrance line: euphoria, which is our featured Perfume of the Month for December. Its dark mystery is perfect for this time of year, when the light changes early in the evening, and the last, frail leaves are falling from the trees.

euphoria offers a different kind of elation, a deeper, more sophisticated bliss than the bright cheer of summer citrus or the floating, floral innocence of springtime scents.

euphoria begins by taking your breath away with its tart persimmon set against a sweet, bright pomegranate note. There is also a green, leafy accord laid underneath that wraps the exotic fruit in a slender, stemmy, embrace. The vitality that pulses in this green fruit opening opens your eyes wide to prepare you for the rest of its fragrant story.

The tartness from the opening disappears in the heart’s sweet, powdered-sugar floral blend, as velvety petals of black orchid and champaca flower unfurl their indigo shadows. This change in mood from bright to dark, energetic to serene in euphoria is exhilarating and powerful.

The dry down allows euphoria’s  dark floral serenity time to grow round and full, with a liquid amber accord and sweet cream spiked with violet leaf absolute. The base combines the brightness of the opening fruit with the slow, seductive heaviness of the orchid to knee-buckling effect. The violet absolute is especially haunting and memorable against the dessert-sweet texture of the cream and amber notes.


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