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Perfume of the Day: Gold by Donna Karan


Perfume of the Day: Gold by Donna Karan

Donna Karan Gold Perfume Review

Gold woman is an urban warrior. When she steps out in the concrete jungle, she tunes herself in hunting mode. She hunts for coffee places, hotdog stands, she preys on innocent skirts sleeping in window shops and runs after taxis.

She is a survivor. A very sophisticated survivor. She knows how to get from A to B in the shortest amount of time, without disturbing not even one perfectly styled lock of hair.

She collects shoes, handbags, perfumes, falling stars and finds shelter for other people’s abandoned hopes.

Her heart is made of gold, with thick outer layer that cracks under the heavy pressure of an honest smile.

Donna Karan’s Gold perfume is urbanly cool fragrance with extraordinary sensation: making you fall helplessly in love with the strong, independent women who master the rules of men-made jungles.

Notes: patchouli, balsam, acacia flowers, jasmine, Casablanca lily, clove, amber.

Style: Imaginative, Elegant, Pretty!

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