Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss Perfume by Cacharel

Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss woman’s edgy feminine elegance cannot be ignored, no matter what. She’s got a timeless poise about her that will never go out of style.

She is a natural born fashion queen, with millions of accessories as her birthright, rocking an elegant dress and a massive Minnie Mouse style hairbow on her head, her crown.

She is free, restless. You can never tie her down and mold her character with social dogmas. She is a heart-rob, a seductress, and her edgy personality is her wingman. She dreams of century old forbidden loves, stealing forbidden kisses from lips that taste like hope.

Cacharel’s Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss fragrance is inspired by edginess, rebellion and it is the definite cause of emotional commotion in men. Real men, that is.

Notes: grapefruit, mandarin, pink pepper, Frangipani flower, coffee notes,vanilla and white musk.

Style: Captivating, Sensual, Rebellious!