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Perfect Tuesday’s Perfume: Indigo by Nest Fragrances

Tuesday Perfect Perfume

Perfect Tuesday’s Perfume: Indigo by Nest Fragrances


And may it be spent in a company of a lovely fragrance. Like Indigo by Nest Fragrances.

A strong, beautiful scent that opens with sun caressed wild fig paired with feisty bergamot.

Although fig is the top note, it rather commands the show. It is raw, fresh and alive, with sexy sweet tone. It brings out the playfulness of the fragrance sans the girlish vibe charges fruity notes usually face.

A unique and beautiful blend of Moroccan tea and dark cardamom awaits in the heart that simply has to get under your skin. And this spicy accord right here is the unique moment where you will fall in love with Indigo.

The warm, dark and rich essence of Indigo comes through in the woodsy drydown, with cashmere wood settling on your skin and comforting you like an ultra modern sweater that hugs you the right way.

It feels as if this perfume is perfect Tuesday fall day scent that you can wear to defy the falling leaves and the smell of cooler air circling around you, like a hungry cat.
Unique, provoking compliments and just the right amount of sweet: what more can you ask from a fragrance?

Have a happy Tuesday!

Indigo By Nest Fragrances

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  1. Avatar Of Debbie


    I was not a fan of this one but I love Nest Midnight Fleur and feel like it is perfect for fall, too!

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Hi Debbie, thank you for your comment. I am a massive fan of everything that Nest Fragrances creates and I am really into Midnight Fleur as well. But somehow Indigo tends to brighten my grey days, so I like to wear it when the sky is heavy. Have a nice scented day, Marina

  • Avatar Of Jess Admin

    Jess Admin

    Nice collection of perfume I love it.I like Nest Fragrances much more than other perfume.The fragrance of nest perfume is pretty cool and smell awesome.

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