Top Scents For Those Born In July

Born In July

Top Scents For Those Born In July

Born in July – the mid-summer heatwave of a month – Cancer’s are known for keeping their cool. Here are you best fragrances. 

Cancer is:

  • A gentle soul, often pursuing careers that allow  you to help and care for others. You also have a strong sense of social justice.
  • Easygoing and friendly.
  • When it comes to lifestyle or fashion, you often lean into new trends. 

Olfactory match: Daringly Different by Diana Vreeland for her and Almost Single by Confessions Of A Rebel for him.


Daringly Different by Diana Vreeland is a refreshing take on exotic oud, with a floral touch of iris. Leathery notes mix with tonka bean and violet petals, for an inspired scent that’s as unique as its name suggests. 

Why you’ll love it: You have a penchant for nostalgia and Daringly Different transports the wearer to a different time and place, think Casablanca, with Bogart & Bacall.

Almost Single

Almost Single, the latest launch from Confessions of a Rebel is an intoxicating blend, charged with a spicy blend of notes. Cardamom mixes with black pepper to turn up the heat, which is tempered by rosemary, sandalwood and violet leaf in the dry down. It all adds up to a captivating, slightly woody cocktail with an after-hours vibe.

Why you’ll love it: Almost Single is all about exotic spices balanced by woody notes and subtle florals, for wherever the night takes you.  

Bonus match: Soleil de Capri by Montale

Soleil De Capri By Montale

A unisex citrus fragrance that overflows with with warmth, Soleil de Capri by  Montale transports you to the Mediterranean. A medley of white flowers is freshened up with grapefruit, kumquat, and a hint of white musk.

Why you’ll love it: Children of summer long for bright scents with cooling notes, and Soleil de Capri is all that – and more.  

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