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Pamella Roland Unveils Her First Fragrance

Pamella Roland Perfume


Pamella Roland Unveils Her First Fragrance

At Last: Pamella Roland Perfume is Here And It’s Glorious

Ever since the debut of her Fall 2002 couture collection, Pamella Roland has been at the forefront of glamour, with an ever-growing fanbase of admirers that span Hollywood icons, role models, and women who crave sophistication, comfort, and glamour at once. Her designs are meticulously crafted and empowering: ball gowns that work hard on the red carpet or your back garden, tailor-made power suits that give you an entitlement to your dreams, and her first fragrance that’s a combination of all feminine traits.

Pamella Roland Perfume

While couture has truly made the foundations for the Pamella Roland legacy, its foray into fragrance is what will secure it: Pamella Roland Eau de Parfum is a triumph and testament to persistence and creativity. 

Pamella Roland Perfume Campaign

For Pamella Roland, the perfume is the last and the inevitable sensory part of every couture. Without it, your outfit is incomplete. 

Inspired by her grandmother’s rose garden, Pamella has worked alongside her daughters to create a perfume that elevates the beauty of the rose aroma through exceptional bergamot and blackcurrant zing. Woody, earthy, and subtly sweet tones of tonka bean are melded together to give this perfume its elegant signature and elation to its wearers. 

Pamella Roland Perfume Notes
Click here to try and embrace Pamella Roland perfume on your skin. 

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