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Glorious Yet Timeless: Pamella Roland Eau De Parfum

Designer Pamella Roland Perfume


Glorious Yet Timeless: Pamella Roland Eau De Parfum

Designer Pamella Roland’s first foray into perfumery was the result of three years of creation and more than a few thousand versions — but the moment her namesake fragrance settles on the skin, all you can say it’s it was well worth it. 

Designer Pamella Roland First Perfume

The perfume centers around rose, the most delicate note, but never fear. Although this magnificent note is iterated through three different varieties, this is most certainly not your overpowering or old-school rose. Like a mile-long rosebush field in Grasse bathed in the last rays of the golden hour, this floral and citrus perfume combines sophistication with comfort. 

Pamella Roland

Bergamot and black currant are zippy, spiked up with the intriguing and exotic feel of pink peppercorn. The heart of the fragrance is petal-powered, where the essences of Rose de Mai, Rose Damask, and rose oil unite to convey the ultimate feminine feel. Not unlike the soft touch of Pamella Roland’s elegant gowns, this aroma of rose is both comforting and utterly empowering. 

Designer Pamella Roland Perfume

Patchouli’s earthy note grounds the utterly refined middle notes, acting as a cornerstone to a pathway that leads further into the woods. Moss and amberwood are at home there, with tonka bean adding that subtly sweet bite that keeps Pamella Roland eau de parfum just the right amount of intriguing, and never cloying. 

Designer Pamella Roland on Collaboration With Her Daughters

“My daughters and I worked together for many months on our long-awaited signature fragrance which embodies the characteristics of the Pamella Roland woman — sophistication, glamour, and confidence. We hope you love our new fragrance as much as we do — an expressive gesture of the iconic rose bathed in the afterglow of light early essences give the fragrance a modern feminine signature.”

Pamella Roland

Pamella Roland’s daughters Cassandra and Sydney played a major role in the creation of the first fashion designer Pamella Roland perfume. 

“Our mother introduced us to the amazing world of fashion, art, and design. For this reason, it was a particular privilege to work alongside her throughout the process. Although we might have all been on different coasts, we were still able to blend each of our unique perspectives together, developing a fragrance that we are all incredibly proud of.”

Cassandra and Sydney Roland

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