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Why Pamella Roland’s Perfume Is a True Labor of Love

Pamella Roland First Perfume

Why Pamella Roland’s Perfume Is a True Labor of Love

Just like ballet, where the artists seemingly effortlessly perform on the stage, the first spritz of perfume should captivate you, mesmerize, and hold you in that moment forever. It’s a labor of love, but when you take a whiff or watch ballet, you don’t think about the hours, blood, sweat, and tears invested in that performance, and you certainly do not think about the excruciatingly hard work put in by the perfumer in the creation of a single perfume drop. 

Pamella Roland Designer Gown

Pamella Roland Eau de Parfum: Labor of Love and An Olfactive Triumph

For Pamella Roland, the creation of her first fragrance is both labor of love and an olfactive triumph. Three years into the making and continents apart (Pamella was in New York, one daughter was in London, and one was in New Zealand) it’s a triumph of femininity, art, of distance, and most importantly, a family triumph.

When Pamella Roland talks about her fragrance, you can sense the passion in her words, where she describes how invested her daughters and herself were in the entire process. 

Pamella Roland Designer Perfume

From the purple glass that’s Pamella’s favorite color to the letters on the bottle, and especially each and every note, Pamella and daughters Cassandra and Sydney spent three years trying to find the blend that perfectly embodies the Pamella Roland woman.

Pamella Roland On The Powers of Femininity

“My daughters and I worked together for many months on our long-awaited signature fragrance which embodies the characteristics of the Pamella Roland woman — sophistication, glamour, and confidence. We hope you love our new fragrance as much as we do — an expressive gesture of the iconic rose bathed in the afterglow of light early essences give the fragrance a modern feminine signature.”

Pamella Roland’s perfume demonstrates her artistic eye on the first spritz: Spicy, tart, and fresh opening punctuated by unrivaled juicy playfulness. At the core of the perfume is her majesty, the rose in three varieties—voluptuously sensual Rose de Mai, daringly sweet Rose Damask, and rose oil, uplifting and delicate. 

The real fun begins when the floral petals form a carpet that leads straight into the woods, where tonka beans are decorated on branches of moss and amberwood. 

Pamella Roland’s perfume is poetic, sensuous, glamorous, and sultry, never failing to appease those who expect nothing but perfection from anything that proudly bears the Pamella Roland label. 

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