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Stop and Smell the Roses: Pamella Roland Eau De Parfum

Pamella Roland Rose Floral Perfume


Stop and Smell the Roses: Pamella Roland Eau De Parfum

A rose’s scent is mystifying, delicate, yet like a thorn strong and arresting. With its unmatched beauty is no wonder Pamella Roland chose rose essence to be the leitmotif of her label’s first-ever fragrance. 

If you’re familiar with the scent of wild roses drenched in the morning dew, consider Pamella Roland rose eau de parfum an upgraded, sophisticated, and free-spirited version. 

Pamella Roland rose iteration

Immediately after leaving the bottle, a scintillating burst of bergamot creates an inviting aroma on contact, with vibrant blackcurrant buds and pink peppercorn working in tandem to infuse a dose of energy to the gentle rose heart. 

Pamella Roland Rose Perfume

Rose de Mai is full-bodied and utterly sensual; Rose Damask is sweet and narcotic; while the rose oil is potent and bold.

This mesmerizing trio of roses from Provence, Persia, and unique rose oil, round out the scent and elevate the dry down, while a hint of woody notes and unexpected tonka bean adds an elegant twist. 

Add Pamella Roland perfume to your queue now, and indulge in the gorgeous but not overwhelming rose mix when your next Scentbird shipment arrives.

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