On Our Radar: Anthony Men’s Skincare Brand


On Our Radar: Anthony Men’s Skincare Brand

Frustrated with a lack of high quality grooming products Anthony Sosnick decided to develop a skincare line that addresses specific concerns from head-to-toe. All tested and approved by Sosnick, his eponymous brand  Anthony specializes in multi-tasking formulas that get the job done quickly and efficiently, fit for no-frills maintenance. Add this line up to your queue today.

Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Loaded with glycolic acid, beloved for its  ability to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, this facial cleanser makes grooming a cinch. Glycolic Acid penetrates deep into the skin, drawing out excess oil and impurities, leaving skin clean, fresh and ready for smooth shaving.

After Shave Balm

After-Shave Balm

If you’re prone to irritated, post-shave skin,you need to get to know this super-moisturizing after-shave balm. Aloe vera prevents irritation and redness, while  eucalyptus oil delivers a refreshing dose of coolness, leaving skin smooth and soothed every time.

All Purpose Facial Moisturizer

All Purpose Moisturizer

Deeply nourishing and hydrating, the lightweight moisturizer is formulated to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while enhancing the skin’s overall health. A combination of wheat protein and natural AHAs boosts collagen production making this a true hero!

Oil Free Facial Lotion

Oil Free Facial Lotion

Tackle shine with Anthony’s oil-free formula, designed with oily and combination complexions in mind. Packed with sodium PCA, which is naturally produced in the skin, as well as aloe and glycerin, the lotion ups the hydration and controls excess oil for a matte, shine-free look.

As always, members have access to our full-size skincare, starting at just $14.95/month.

Craving more skin cure-alls? Head over to Instagram @Scentbird for all things fragrance, skincare and bath & body (trust us, your skin will thank you)!

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